Social Media and Baking

Social Media and Baking

It’s no secret I have an addiction to sweets….particularly cupcakes! For my birthday this year I got the best gift, a Kitchenaid mixer (thanks mom)! So began my quest to make the PERFECT cupcake. There are so many recipes and they are all similar yet so different in the world of baking.  Every little ingredient can make a big difference and even something as simple as how you mix it can affect the cupcake! Not only that but it wont taste the same every time you make it even with the same recipe.

I started thinking how much this is like online marketing. There are so many combinations in the recipe for online marketing and not every recipe is right for everyone. You have to manipulate the recipe in different instances to get it just right.  You can’t use the same recipe with every company or organization and expect the same result. Will it ever be perfected? Just like my cupcakes…..I doubt it.


About MeganSWage

I am an animal loving, cooking & baking fanatic yoga addict. If you are looking for DIY ideas, recipes, yoga inspiration and everything in between, you are in the right place.

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