Are you asking to get deleted?

Are you asking to get deleted?

One of my biggest pet peeves along with many others is the dreaded Auto DM.  I will never for the life of me understand the concept of the Auto DM on Twitter. “Thanks for the follow, please check out my Facebook!” ummmm…..if you can’t directly and personally interact with me on this platform why in the world would I go follow you on another? Instead you get an immediate unfollow from this girl.

Social Media is made to engage your following and personally interact with them to show your brand.  It is not there to be your own personally billboard with a standard message to every user.  I’m not sure why everyone else hasn’t figured this out yet….but it irks me.

According to the article Auto DM Use Led to 245% Increase in Unfollow Rate by optify your unfollow rate sky rockets when you send an Auto DM! Ok so 245% might be a bit steep and over the top…but you get the point.

In short here is how I feel about Auto DM’s:


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