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  1. Oh. My. This is bad on so many levels, beginning at the retail store. Tattoo people help pay that young lady’s salary, and their money spends as well as anyone else. (Putting aside for a moment that this is a fellow human being due all the dignity, respect and care that anyone else deserves, including the sales clerk).
    On another level, I’m no social media expert, but David’s should have leaped on this as soon as they began smelling something bad. Apologize. Investigate. Act. Tell how you’re responding, etc. Hopefully share that it’s a misunderstanding (if that’s true).
    Ignoring a problem like this, especially in a social media age, is unforgivable. They’re going to be working on this for a loooong time.

    • Harvey I completely agree with you. The way they handled this was wrong on several levels. Damage control doesn’t even begin to describe what they have on their hands now. Thanks for the comment!


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