Do you want the want button?

A frenzy of intrigue has risen over the Facebook “want” button which is now in testing. For the first time Facebook has developed something where users will make an actual purchase on the social platform itself…..scary or awesome? Details on exactly what the “want” button is: “Facebook is working with seven retailers on a new feature — called Collections — that lets users mark pictures and create wishlists of products he or she might want.”  Does this sound familiar? If it does it is because that is exactly what Pinterest is. The final step of this process however is where this will differ from Pinterest: “Then these users can buy these items through the social media site, and at least for the time being, Facebook doesn’t receive a fee.”

Want button being tested with Pottery Barn

How will this change the game for retailers on Facebook and for that matter Facebook itself? I feel that Facebook is grasping at straws for new sources of revenue…..this was only bound to happen.  Do you want the want button?


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