Pinterest Secret Boards

Brought to you in HIGH demand Pinterest is now offering “Secret Boards.” Are you planning a surprise party or maybe building your Christmas buy list and don’t want everyone and their mother to see the board? Well now you have the choice to make secret boards that will only be seen by you. Only catch….you only have 3 so use them wisely!

To make your board go to your Pinterest profile page and scroll down to the very bottom. There you will see the section labeled Secret Boards. Simply click on one of the boards and enter in the information. Make sure you have the Secret Board section turned on or everyone will be able to see your pins on your “secret board” which obviously defeats the purpose!



About MeganSWage

I am an animal loving, cooking & baking fanatic yoga addict. If you are looking for DIY ideas, recipes, yoga inspiration and everything in between, you are in the right place.

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