Instagram Selling your Photos?

Instagram owners Facebook have recently announced that as of January 16, 2013 Instagram has the right to sell your photos. Is anyone really surprised by this? How did everyone not see a revenue-less platform not coming up with some way to generate revenue? Especially when it’s owned by Facebook who is now making businesses pay for people who already like their page to see their posts.  The second Facebook acquired Instagram it was inevitable something similar to this would happen.

Didn’t we also go through something similar recently with Pinterest? People get all worked about the “fine print” when in all actuality it’s a safety net for the company. It is a “just in case” fall back. For everyone worried about this you can read more here from CNET. If you are REALLY worried as long as you delete your profile by January 16 you don’t have to worry any longer.

Anyone think Instagram will ACTUALLY sell your photos?


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