Is a Juice Cleanse for you?

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Juice CleanseLike every American woman I am always on the hunt for new workouts, diets and nutritional ideas. I’m not usually one to just jump on a bandwagon without researching and deciding if I think it’s a good idea. After a while of researching and thinking about it I decided to give the ever so popular “Juice” cleanse a try. A juice cleanse is simply fresh squeezed veggies and fruits (mainly veggies) that you drink and you eat no solid food. I opted for just the One Day Cleanse from Juice Nashville because I like to keep my goals realistic.

I had to drink 5 juices throughout the day every 2-3 hours plus one glass of water before each one. I was very optimistic going into this and just want to start out saying I did complete the full day. 2 of juices I loved, 1 I could tolerate and 2 were torture. I will say I was never hungry…..actually quite the opposite. By the end of the day and on my last drink I was so full from liquid it was extremely uncomfortable and I was nauseous. I saw it through and went to bed hoping I would see results in the morning. However this morning I still feel full, bloated and nauseous. I wasn’t looking for a miracle diet to drop 10 pounds. I was looking for a healthy way to reboot my body and shed some of the bloat….that did not happen.

I am not saying juice cleanses aren’t great….just not for me. I am a firm believer that every diet or exercise is not perfect for everyone and your body will react different. I know plenty who have done this exact cleanse and loved it….I however will not be juicing anytime soon! Have you done a juice cleanse? What were your results?


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