Myspace Making a Comeback

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Myspace Making a Comeback

Ok so maybe not a complete comeback……lets face it most of the population forgot about its existence. That being said if you haven’t logged in lately you totally should. Myspace is leaps and bounds ahead of Facebook and any other social network as far as user experience and visual appeal. I personally always preferred myspace for the individuality of customizable backgrounds, profile songs and all around experience. But sadly was forced into the Facebook world after a long period of protest once literally not one of my friends used myspace anymore. As awesome as I think myspace is without friend interaction it’s rendered pointless.

If you  make the bold choice to try on myspace for size again and think all of your pictures are miraculously gone….don’t fret they aren’t. Simply go to your settings and select Transfer Pics and Playlist. Not only will all your images transfer over into the “mixes” section but you will get a fun playlist of all your old profile songs. Making for a fun trip down memory lane (or emotional roller coaster of your life.) So go give myspace a try….are you pleasantly surprised?

Myspace Comeback


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  1. I want my old pics back they tell me that it’s there it’s not a whole lot of pics missing these are valuable pics and memories to much

    • You need to be on the home page which you have to click “myspace” in the lower left. Then click settings in the list on the upper left. From there you will see a block that says “Making the jump to new Myspace doesn’t mean leaving behind your old profile content. Move your classic Myspace pics and playlists to your new account and request your classic Myspace blogs for download.” You will click the part that says pics and playlist and it will transfer them over. Then when you are on your page which you get to by clicking your name in the lower left you will see a section called mixes. They will all there. It might take a day to transfer over all of them if there are alot. Hope this helps.


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