New Journey

A few weeks ago I made the decision with the support of my amazing husband to quit my current job and pursue a solo career. I believe there are some companies that hiring a full time employee or outsourcing online marketing tasks simply isn’t the best option…or even feasible. My goals in this solo venture are to take the skills young entrepreneurs and small business owners already have and build upon them.  I am genuinely excited to take my skills and experience with social media, SEO, web design and much more and pass that on to businesses who need it.


If you are in need of online marketing assistance I can help! You might be wondering how we can work together. I am a consultant on an hourly basis who comes in and evaluates your online presence. From there I hands on help you clean up your social media, search engine listings and website as well as train you on how to manage them yourself. No one knows your business better than you… who else should manage it on a day to day basis? Contact me now to see how I can help your business grow!

Helping your business grow


About MeganSWage

I am an animal loving, cooking & baking fanatic yoga addict. If you are looking for DIY ideas, recipes, yoga inspiration and everything in between, you are in the right place.

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  1. Good luck Megan, I know you will do well!!

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  3. You are the one person who is always available when it comes to my business. I appreciate your hard work and support. Im sure its only a matter of time before more people see how valuable an asset your are and will be for their business. Congrats on your new endeavor and I know you will do amazing things.


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