Small Business Saturday

As some of you might know today is Small Business Saturday. I definitely went out and shopped small today…but I do on a regular basis. I love my local stores like Tres Bellas, Hendersonville Produce, My Hot Yoga Place and G’s Meats and More to name a few.

Online Marketing Help

What I actually love more than the stores themselves is helping small businesses with their online marketing. If you area small local business looking for that extra edge online I would love to come in and give you the help you and your business needs.

A few tips to being above the rest online:

1. Own and update your local listings

2. Create and maintain a website with a blog

3. Be active on social media platforms

These are just a few ways you can stay ahead of the game with your online marketing. I would love to help your small business today! In what areas does your business need the most help?


About MeganSWage

I am an animal loving, cooking & baking fanatic yoga addict. If you are looking for DIY ideas, recipes, yoga inspiration and everything in between, you are in the right place.

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